Our pharmaceutical packaging ensures that the cold chain is maintained when shipping temperature-controlled medicines and pharmaceutical products which are required for urgent and reliable use in life-saving situations.

Our packaging systems comprise sophisticated shipping packaging including the highest quality insulation materials and optional accessories such as cold packs (PCM’s – Phase Change Materials) and loggers to record temperature/position/air pressure.

Our packaging systems are specially designed for the shipping of clinical trials. In the development of our pharmaceutical packaging, we have therefore paid particular attention to a safe shipping solution that provides the highest possible transport safety in terms of the temperature factor, even with extreme temperature profiles and long shipping routes.

Whether you send your products by air freight, rail, road or sea, you will always be on the safe side with our pharmaceutical packaging. Benefit from our wide range of products and our service for the provision of tailor-made shipping solutions according to your specific requirements.

You can also take advantage of our product qualification according to ISTA 7D in our own climate chamber in Strausberg, Germany. We will be pleased to provide you with more information.



Our new Medibag is the ideal solution for transporting temperature-sensitive medicines. Particularly suitable for travel.


We offer our high-quality OHLRO MediSecuret in different sizes for different temperature requirements.

MediSafe boxes

We offer our pharmaceutical boxes in a variety of sizes for different temperature requirements. This is made possible by the combination of expanded polystyrene box and vacuum panels.

Pharmaceu­tical cold packs

Our specialised cold packs (PCM, Phase Change Material) ensure the best possible cooling for a wide variety of boxes.

Tempera­ture logger

Our loggers are approved by relevant airlines and by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA).


With our O-BOX H250, we have developed a cold-chain box that can maintain a constant temperature range of between 2° and 8° Celsius over a period of 250 hours.

Standard validation

Guaranteed safety – measured and tested