Packaging should protect, insulate and, in doing so, be sustainable.

This has been the daily work of OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH since its inception in 1991. OHLRO produces shipment and transport packaging and continuously develops new solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

Be it food, drinks or medical products – with packaging made of AIRPROP (expanded polystyrene) it is possible to protect and insulate at the same time. And, it is more environmentally friendly than you think it is.

The composition of this unique material is 98% air and it is fully recyclable. Compared to packaging made of cardboard or composite materials, the single-material AIRPOP has a better environmental footprint than many assume.

As a company, OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH believes in acting responsibly and invests in environmentally-conscious technologies such as photovoltaics and heat recovery.

When shipping sensitive goods, this is twice as important. Good advice, better packaging.

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