Pharmaceutical boxes

We offer our pharmaceutical boxes in a variety of sizes for different temperature requirements. This is made possible by the combination of expanded polystyrene box and vacuum panels.

Our pharmaceutical boxes

MediSafe boxes Wall thickness External dimensions Inner dimensions
OHLRO MediSafe XXL, 170,0L 40mm 790x590x660mm 590x390x460mm
OHLRO MediSafe XL, 75,0L 40mm 790x590x360mm 590x390x160mm
OHLRO MediSafe L, 60,0L 40mm 570x450x410mm 410x290x250mm
OHLRO MediSafe M, 48,0L 40mm 480x480x380mm 320x320x220mm
OHLRO MediSafe M, 48,0L 20mm 480x480x380mm 360x360x260mm
OHLRO MediSafe S, 21,0L 20mm 440x340x260mm 240x240x160mm