One BOX. Many benefits

  • Constant temperature for 250 hours
  • Break-proof transport
  • Cold packs do not slip
  • Cold protection even in the corners
  • Impact-protected vacuum panels
  • Robust quality

Guaranteed cold.

With our O-BOX H250, we have developed a cold-chain box that can maintain a constant temperature range of between 2° and 8° Celsius over a period of 250 hours. This allows reliable planning of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products even for transport times spanning several day

Patented and unique.

The O-BOX H250 consists of an expanded polystyrene box with combined cooling technology. The hollow chambers of all 6 outer walls (incl. base and lid) contain vacuum units which optimally prevent heat exchange with the outside. Thanks to the patented cooling system consisting of different functional elements, the O-BOX H250 reliably ensures a constant temperature inside the box over a long period of time.

Measurement cycles.

Test measurements in several measurement cycles in the ISTAF summer profile showed that the O-BOX H250 maintains a temperature – in our test cycle between 2° and 8° Celsius – for 250 hours.