Temperature loggers

We supply temperature loggers to monitor temperatures inside the packaging during transport. These are USB data loggers which have the advantage that they can be read out directly by the customer after the temperature-controlled shipment has been completed. No special hardware or software is required for this.

A PDF report can be generated that contains all the necessary data such as temperature profile, individual values and statistical information.

The devices are small and light, making them suitable for almost any type of packaging. We currently offer both disposable and reusable versions. The disposable temperature loggers are ideal for shipping abroad or to areas with poor infrastructure, which would make it difficult to return the devices.

The reusable loggers are suitable for recurring shipments and internal shipping routes. Service providers such as courier services also benefit from the use of the reusable loggers as handling effort is minimal and they are easy to operate.

Please bear in mind that our product portfolio is supplemented or extended from time to time.